About Nynkotab Consult

NYNKOTAB is a legal, management consultant and negotiation firm established to provide a wide range of business services

About Us

We believe that success in a business calls for constant maintenance of the sanctity of the company`s vision and mission, coupled with relentless commitment to ensure straight-forward and long-lasting relationships with clientele and staff alike.

NYNKOTAB is poised to reach the climax in the development of business models, writing of business plans, management of projects, legal services, business and contract negotiations, and also in the development of public private partnership concepts industry.

The secret of our success is in the awareness that others are in the race; so we strive to stay competitive by frequently re-aligning, re-focusing and re-directing our strategic thinking and resources to further the development of the industry.

With the close support of the current crew of dedicated and hardworking staff, we strive for achievement of supremacy in the development of business models, writing of business plans, management of projects and, legal service industry, leaving our mark as one of the exclusive legal, project management and contract negotiation firms in Ghana and internationally.


NYNKOTAB is a legal, management consultant and negotiation firm established to provide a wide range of business services to;

  • Individuals
    Small to Medium-Sized Commercial Businesses, including: Import/Export, Retail/Wholesale, Real Estate, Construction, Manufacturing and Distribution and all other Professional Services Fields.
  • Governmental Entities
  • Non-Profit Organizations

We are proud to be one of the professional legal, management consultant and negotiation firms in Ghana which recognizes that our growth and success is directly linked to our commitment to excellent and professional services provided to our valued clients.

We believe in the value of relationships; to us every client relationship is like a partnership, and we truly believe that our success is a result of your success. Therefore we focus on building close client relationships that add long-term value to our clients, benefiting from objective analysis, assistance in controlling costs and increasing efficiency.

Regardless of the size of the company, NYNKOTAB partners with each client and delivers customized attention and resources. Our firm employs innovative approaches to identify solutions that result in legal issues, management consulting, negotiations and project developments hence, making a difference within your business. We work side-by-side assisting any client that has the desire to reach out and be successful in reaching sound business goals. We work with you to enhance your profits and allow you to focus on your core business growth. We focus on continuous profit-enhancement through evaluation of Current Business Process and advising our clients accordingly. We ensure our clients have a complete understanding of their key business dealings, and how to effectively manage their impact to their profitability.

NYNKOTAB has a reputation that reflects the high standards we demand of ourselves in providing insightful advice to our clients to enable them make informed decisions and we do not compromise on that.


To manage projects at competitive pricing, provide legal services and delivering of high quality work within reasonable time frame as well as management consulting services to assist our clients maximize the returns on their investments


To be a reputable Legal, Management Consulting and project management firm delivering beyond expectation, always.


NYNKOTAB is a partner in developing and executing strategies that contribute to the success of your business.

Our Team

Our staff is composed of high quality professionals in addition to a pool of consultants in various fields of experience to support our operation. We are a group of dedicated professionals committed to ensure that our clients achieve their business goals and objectives.

Our success is a direct result of your success and as a result of that we give you access to the best consultants who provide you with high quality and professional services.

We make it our duty to always be in the position to find new ways to serve you with credible, cost effective and rather affordable services.